Wto Plurilateral Agreement On Trade In Civil Aircraft

The harmonized system is an international nomenclature, developed by the World Customs Organization, which is included in six-digit codes allowing all participating countries to classify goods traded on a common basis. THE decisions of WTO bodies on the Civil Aircraft Trade Agreement are contained in the WTO`s Analytical Index of Law and Practice Guide This multilateral agreement came into force on 1 January 1980. There are signatories: . Most WTO agreements are multilateral because they are signed by all WTO members. The Civil Aircraft Trade Agreement is one of the multilateral agreements signed by a small number of WTO members. It eliminates import tariffs on all non-military aircraft, as well as any other civilian aircraft engine covered by the agreement, as well as on their parts and components, all components and subsets of civilian aircraft, and flight simulators and their parts and components. It came into force on 1 January 1980 and is one of two multilateral WTO agreements (with the Public Procurement Agreement) that are in force only for WTO members who have accepted it. The Civil Aircraft Trade Agreement is one of the WTO`s multilateral agreements; it came into force on January 1, 1980. The agreement eliminates import tariffs on civilian aircraft on its product list, such as engines, radars, flight recorders and ground flight simulators. The agreement also contains disciplines on issues such as the purchase of civilian aircraft by the state and incentives to purchase. Browse or download the text of the Multilateral Agreement on Civil Aircraft Trade from the Gateway Legal Texts Brief information on the Multilateral Civil Aircraft Trade Agreement Links to the Civil Aircraft Section of the WTO Guide to the WTO Agreement. The Civil Aircraft Trade Agreement (Aircraft Agreement) requires signatories to remove tariffs on civil aircraft, engines, flight simulators and related parts and components, and to make these benefits available to other signatories on a non-discriminatory basis.