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Magento does not provide any assurance or assurance as to the results of the use of materials on the site in terms of accuracy, accuracy, reliability, risk of injury on your computer or commercial advantage for you. It does not promise you any profit or commercial profits. The applicable law may not allow for the exclusion of unspoken safeguards, so such exclusions may not apply to you. After its creation, SEATO became militarily insignificant, with most of its member countries having contributed very little to the alliance. [17] While SEATO forces were conducting joint military training, they were never deployed due to internal differences. SEATO was unable to intervene in the conflicts in Laos because France and the United Kingdom refused to resort to military action. [18] As a result, after 1962, the United States provided unilateral support to Laos. [18] Although the United States opposed it, SEATO`s participation in the Vietnam War was denied due to a lack of British and French cooperation. [20] [18] The North Atlantic Council (NAK) is NATO`s main political decision-making body. Each member country has an AK seat. It occurs at least once a week or whenever the need occurs at different levels. The Presidency is chaired by the Secretary-General, who helps members reach agreement on key issues.

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