Screenplay Option Agreement Template

This is not a deal breaker. In fact, it is very common. But there are many ways to carefully check this language to get a complete idea of what you`re going through and what you`re getting after the option period is over. Landing your first option agreement is an important step on the way to a real career as a screenwriter. You should be proud to achieve this goal. But as with all Hollywood deals, they never come “ready to go” and there is never a one-size-fits all boiler. An option agreement sets an “option period” or deadline for the start of production of the project. It can vary from six months to two years or more, depending on the length of the negotiations. These agreements often involve additional time for the manufacturer to extend the duration of the agreement, given the additional payments made to the author. If you`re like most screenwriters, the storyline you`re heading to, with the exception of the direct purchase of your specification script, gets an option agreement. An option agreement is a deal that “rents” or “rents” the rights to your script to a producer or production company, in the hope that they can make the film. As a general rule, there are two option rights and periods, i.e.

the first option is the amount of X for Y months, with the option to extend additional Y months for the amount of X. These are generally referred to as “second option commissions” for the “second option period.” You have until the end of the last option period to “exercise” the option. In general, this happens when you have all the funding together and everyone is ready to shoot. This scenario option model is a contract that allows a producer or studio to obtain the film rights to a screenplay for a period of time, with the aim of making it into a film. There are three main elements of an option agreement that an author should be aware of. By Jonathan Treisman If you have the opportunity to choose, be sure to slow down and think about the long-term evolution of your project. Ask yourself (and the interested party) a few “What if” questions. And always make sure you have transparency about how these entities handle your work. If you are not satisfied with the answers, signing an option contract may not be the right thing to do yet. The amount of option payments depends on the negotiation process and other factors, such as the author.B in the industry`s balance sheet and the potential budget of the film project or DEEH.