Purchase And Delivery Agreement

The above parties entered into this sales contract (the “contract”) under the following terms: 6.1 The seller guarantees that the goods sold under this sub-part are free of any processing and material errors. The seller`s liability under the above warranty is limited to replacing the goods or repairing defects or refunding the purchase price at the seller`s choice. No other express or tacit guarantees are granted by the seller and none is subordinated or presumed. 5.1 The buyer must check the goods after receipt and, in the number working days after delivery, the buyer must notify the Seller of any claim for damages for the condition, quality or grade of the goods. 10.1 This agreement contains the entire agreement between the parties and replaces all of these previous agreements with respect to the issues set out in them. This agreement will only be amended in writing and signed by both parties. This agreement binds the parties and their heirs, executors, directors, successors, beneficiaries of the assignment and personal representatives. No party can terminate the agreement and the rights of this treaty. 8.1 This agreement is governed by the laws of the COUNTRY. All disputes under this agreement will take place in the COUNTRY City Court. 9.1 The seller may delay or terminate the agreement without liability due to events of force majeure or other circumstances beyond his control, including strikes, acts of God, political unrest, embargoes, loss of source of supply or victims.

4.2 Delivery is considered to be made on E.G. WHEN ONBOARD RELEVANT TRANSPORTATION is made. 3.2 The goods must be properly packaged and delivered to the buyer without damage. The buyer must be able to easily identify all the goods. 3.1 Delivery of the goods to the buyer by the Seller is made on or date. 2.1 The buyer must pay the seller, in full and full consideration, the sum of AMOUNT and CURRENCY including vat, packaging and shipping, for the goods and for all the obligations mentioned in them. 4.1 The risk of a polluter losing on the goods, regardless of the cause, ranges from BUYER OR SELLER to the delivery of the goods to the buyer.