Chp Agreement

Tsa provides tow operators with clear and concise requirements for receiving and continuous service for the department. The Agreement shall ensure national consistency in the interpretation and application of its general terms and conditions. The TSA also ensures that the convenience stores deployed by the service are competent to answer calls with minimal delay. [Next slide] So if you look a little bit at how the system works and the benefits of the project, it has been integrated into the existing cooling system in order to reduce electricity consumption at peak times, because some of the hours of the day are in California. The implementation of such measures has resulted in significant savings. The generator operates with a load tracking mode to prevent the net export of electricity to the grid, in accordance with the inter-connection agreement. In essence, the distribution undertaking does not authorise the net export of surplus energy to the distribution undertaking. [Next slide] One of the keys, however, is the very simple annual measurement of system availability….