Bmo World Elite Agreement

Insurance certificates take over the world without fear of emergency medical expenses. Eliminate the last-minute battle for insurance coverage when planning a trip. Whether you`re travelling within Canada or abroad, you`re abandoned all year round. Travel Insurance Certificates (Embedded Coverage) – BMO AIR MILES World Mastercard and BMO AIR MILES Small Business Credit cards are subject to a monthly limit in accordance with the terms and conditions and are not allowed to collect miles for this offer as soon as their monthly limit is reached. b) Credit transfers are not allowed to receive loyalty bonuses such as AIR MILES bonus miles. Net transfers are considered cash advances and the promotional interest rate applies from the date transactions are recorded on your account until the last day of the promotional period. At the end of the action period, all remaining balance transfers will be remunerated at the standard annual interest rate on cash advances. The promotional interest rate of 1.99% does not apply to purchases, fees, cash advances and other fees that will be booked into your account during the promotional period. These transactions remain subject to standard interest rates. Please refer to your monthly statement for the interest rate on your account. .

As an illustrative example of how you collect 5 times Shell`s base miles as part of this high-end offer: a customer buys 40L Shell Bronze for $1.00 per litre and pays with a BMO AIR MILES World Elite Mastercard for a total cost of $40.00. The customer receives two (2) base miles allocated by Shell (based on the wage rate of 1 mile per 20 L of fuel in a single transaction). By paying for this transaction with a BMO AIR MILES World Elite Mastercard, the customer obtains, in addition to the two (2) base miles for this transaction, four (4) base miles, BMO (based on a price of 1 mile for every $10 spent by the customer during a reporting cycle) and four (4) miles of high-end offer , which brings the total miles collected to 10 miles air MILES. , that`s 5 times the two (2) base miles that are allocated by Shell. . . . This 5-time top up offer applies to basic AIR MILES premium miles collected by Shell during the offer period.